Critical Illness and Disability Insurance

Critical Illness ApplicationCritical Illness Insurance – Made Easy


Protect yourself and your family against financial hardship that can occur following the diagnosis of a critical illness.

Critical Illness Insurance provides a TAX-FREE LUMP-SUM PAYOUT to be used any way you wish following the diagnosis of one of the 23 covered conditions listed.

You can get up to $25,000 without medical evidence regardless of health history. Financial assistance that allows you to focus on the important things during a recovery time . . . like getting better.

There are two kinds of events in life – those we plan for; and those we don't. Insurance is a plan for those events we don’t expect.

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Critical Illness Insurance Makes Recovery More Comfortable.

When illness or accident strikes, Critical Illness (CI) insurance allows you to seek treatment outside of Canada, fly in family members to assist with your care, provide income replacement for a spouse acting as caregiver, or hire a nanny or eldercare. Gaining access to these services and support helps to make recovery more comfortable.

Our knowledgeable team can provide a diverse range of options. Eliminating the stress of worrying about financial obligations allows you to focus on what's most important - your health.

Income Replacement - Often Overlooked.

Your ability to generate an income is your most important asset yet this often goes unprotected.

When faced with injury or sickness many people are forced to look to savings, RRSP’s, sale of assets and/or loans from family or friends to replace their income. Did you know income replacement insurance is available at a price you can afford?

At DFG, we explain the available plan designs to suit your particular income, contract definitions and terms. We will customize a disability policy to suit your unique needs and budget.

You can purchase this coverage to top-up or supplement your group Long Term Disability coverage, or on a personal stand-alone basis.