Help protect yourself against rate increases.


DFG’s Integrated Disability Solution is one of the most innovative group insurance concepts available today bringing together Individual disability policies with traditional group LTD coverage. Developed to guard against Long Term Disability rate increases, further advantages are enhanced definitions of disability, higher monthly benefits, portability, and cost containment – all without the burden of medical underwriting. DFG’s team of expert administrators take on the enrolments, terminations and monthly invoicing making implementation and ongoing admin simple!


If suddenly faced with an injury, accident or illness, employees want to ensure that their income will be replaced to meet their financial obligations, maintain their lifestyle and manage their future. The expert advisors at DFG will work with you to customize a solution that best fits your organization today and is sustainable go forward.

While we do not manage disability claims, we advocate on your behalf, ensuring you are supported every step of the way and employees are returned to work when they are able. We recognize early intervention is the cornerstone of an effective disability management strategy and work with you to determine the best approach to prevent the disability mindset from taking hold during the LTD waiting period.


Underinsured Executives – Protecting the Leadership Team.

Those at the highest earning levels are often left underinsured on traditional group LTD benefit plans given overall plan maximums determined by the carriers. Individual policies can be used to complement group LTD coverage, providing plan design options simply not available on traditional plans. Coverage is portable allowing Executives to take coverage with them. In the event of a severance situation, such policies provide valuable protection to Employers.

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Save. Simplify. Retain.
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Critical Illness (CI) insurance ensures that an employee can focus on their recovery and not worry about the financial implications or obligations that often accompany illness or injury.

It may allow the employee to seek treatment outside of Canada, fly in family members to assist with care, provide income replacement for a spouse taking an unpaid leave of absence to act as caregiver, or hire a nanny or eldercare. Gaining access to these services and support helps to make recovery more comfortable and removes unnecessary burden at an already difficult time.


Offering Critical Illness Insurance to your staff on a group basis provides:

  • Ease of application as no medical evidence is required.
  • Significant premium savings to your employees when compared to purchasing this coverage personally.
  • No termination age as coverage may continue until an employee ceases to be eligible depending on the plan contract provisions.

Whether offered on a mandatory or voluntary basis, CI serves as a complement to your existing employee benefits package. Critical Illness Insurance is not tied to income and will not affect a life or disability insurance payout.