Effective March 2010

PRIVACY GUIDELINES: Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of personal information.

These privacy guidelines describe how we protect client information essential to the products and services we provide. They explain the principles that guide us in protecting the privacy and confidentiality of personal information.

Personal information is defined as any information about an identifiable person, with exception of the person’s name, business address, title, phone or fax number. An individual’s name, birth date, home address, age, social insurance number, health and financial information is personal information which we may collect, use and in certain circumstances, where necessary, disclose, in the course of providing insurance services and carrying on business.

We have adopted the following privacy principles when collecting, using and disclosing personal information. These principles may be modified periodically. We are accountable for our personal information practices. We will identify the purpose(s) for which we collect personal information and obtain individual consent before collecting, using or disclosing the information.

We will collect only the information necessary to achieve our stated purposes. We will not disclose the information collected for any other purpose unless we have appropriate consent. We will destroy the personal information once we no longer need it to achieve our stated purposes. We will ensure the personal information is accurate and complete as is required for our stated purposes. We will, upon appropriate written request, inform the individual of the existence, use and disclosure of their personal information and will provide an individual with appropriate access to their personal information. If access to personal information is refused, we will provide a written explanation of the refusal.

We will have security procedures in place to protect the integrity of and safeguard access rights to all personal information.

We will inform clients and employees of our policies and practices regarding the management of personal information. We will have procedures in place to investigate complaints regarding the company’s personal information practices.

For additional information about Dehoney Financial Group privacy practices, please write to:

Emese Horwood, VP Finance
Dehoney Financial Group Ltd.
1777 West 8th Avenue, 2nd Floor
Vancouver, BC V6J 1V8