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It Doesn't Have To Be Complicated.

For many, investment planning is the most complex and, at times, intimidating aspect of financial planning. Understanding the jargon and lingo used by the media, financial advisors—even well-meaning friends and family, can be like learning a foreign language.

Develop A Strategy To Maximize Your Returns.

At DFG, we see our job as two-fold. The first step is to ensure our customers have the information they need to make informed decisions. We'll clearly explain your options to you and make sure you understand the nuances of your investment alternatives.

The second step is to develop an investment strategy uniquely tailored to your risk tolerance and goals. We'll help you build an investment portfolio that maximizes your return, recommending quality investments within your risk tolerance.

With a strategy in place, our team will complete a detailed and independent review of the investment alternatives and recommend funds suitable to your needs. Our recommendations are based on past performance and future potential.

Portfolio Options.

  • Best of class investment funds including fixed income funds, equity funds, income and balanced funds.
  • Integrated financial service products, including stocks, bonds and mutual funds.
  • Guaranteed Investment Certificates offered from a wide range of banks, trust companies and credit unions.
  • Segregated funds.
  • Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) allows you to contribute up to $6,000/year and pay no tax on the growth and earnings of the account.