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Benefit Plan Administration (TPA).

DFG’s Third Party Administration (TPA) services streamline benefit administration and provide a single point of contact.

Partnering with DFG means that you can focus on your business and leave your benefits plan administration to an experienced and highly accountable team. We excel at managing national, regional, and multi-insurer benefit programs and eliminating the administrative burden that this can create for customers.


Adherence to industry best practices has earned us a membership in TPAAC – Third Party Administrators’ Association of Canada.

Third Party Administration Expertise

Get Back to Business.

DFG offers a comprehensive plan administration package to simplify and reduce the workload—letting you get back to business.

Our package and options include maintenance of employee eligibility data; record keeping for disability claims; customized billing options; ID cards; carrier remittance; Total Compensation Statements; and assistance with submission of Life, Long Term Disability and Waiver of Premium claims.

Save. Simplify. Retain.
Strong negotiators and proven problem solvers.

Save. Simplify. Retain.
Non-traditional solutions to the challenges facing benefit plan sponsors.

Save. Simplify. Retain.
Strong customer relationships that reach beyond the corner office.

Submit claims on your phone

Health Care Spending Accounts.

Are you looking for creative ways to manage your growing group benefit plan costs but still provide coverage for Dental and Health Care expenses?

ClaimSnap, the mobile app, permits employees to submit receipts by taking a picture – the easiest way to make a claim.

Paid by the employer, Health Care Spending Accounts provide employees with non-taxable funds to cover an array of medical services and supplies such as vision care, paramedical services, dental expenses and health care premiums/deductibles as deemed eligible by Canada Revenue Agency.

Health Care Spending Accounts offer a significant degree of flexibility without the complex administration of a full flex plan.

Lifestyle Spending Accounts.

Are you looking for creative ways to offer employees coverage for gym memberships, doggy daycare or yoga memberships?

ClaimSnap, the mobile app, permits employees to submit receipts by taking a picture – the easiest way to make a claim.

Paid for by the employer, Lifestyle Spending Accounts offer a predetermined, taxable account for a wide range of services from health and wellness, child daycare, and anything else an employer may deem eligible.

While similar to a Health Care Spending Account, the difference is that Personal/Lifestyle Spending Account claims are added to T4 taxable earnings.

Total Compensation Statements.

We help employers create awareness for the value of an employee’s compensation beyond their base salary and for the investment made in every employee.

Our team has been producing annual Total Compensation & Reward Statements since 1997, offering highly customized and competitively priced designs, suited to employers with 50 employees or as many as 10,000 employees. Our process begins with a discovery meeting where we establish an employer’s objectives as well as best fit and timing with other client communications.