We Can Help You To Reach Your Financial Goals.


Saving For Retirement Isn’t Easy.

It can often fall to the bottom of the list after monthly bill paying or you find yourself overwhelmed with the number of available savings vehicles and options. But, like most people, you know how important it is to start saving and planning for a comfortable and more relaxed retirement.


By reviewing your current situation, a DFG investment and retirement advisor helps you answer the important questions about your retirement. Using a 3-step discovery process, we can help you prepare for a more comfortable retirement…without any surprises.

  • Step 1. Gather information on your current financial picture by determining how much you are saving or have saved; whether your employer offers a retirement plan; and what your plans are for retirement.
  • Step 2. Input your data and complete several projections to show you how things will look down the road if you continue on your current path.
  • Step 3. Assess projections, make suggestions, and present alternatives to help you meet your goals.


Retirement planning is not the only step to securing your financial future. Ask one of our experts about your investments and discover if your portfolio is earning an adequate return.

A DFG specialist will undertake a detailed analysis of your financial picture. We’ll consider your marginal tax brackets, possible clawbacks and the structure of your savings. To reach your goals today and in the future, DFG will tailor a plan to maximize your take-home pay and minimize your taxes.

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