Life Insurance

It’s important to periodically dust off your life insurance.
Our experts can conduct a complimentary review.

DFG’s life insurance solutions help reduce your risk AND increase your comfort.

DFG meets the insurance needs of people just like you by clearly understanding and interpreting the risks and complexities of daily life. We provide clear and honest advice, and recommend only the most appropriate solutions to manage and minimize risk. Our advice extends beyond products and options—we consider all of life’s complications. We also do the necessary legwork to review the fullest range of available products.

Life Insurance Review

It’s important to periodically “dust-off” your life insurance policy and coverage. If you recently purchased a home or increased your mortgage, started a relationship or expanded your family, your current life insurance may no longer meet your needs. Talk to a DFG advisor about a complimentary review of your policy.

Custom-Designed Solutions.

No one really likes to answer questions, but to get at the ‘right’ life insurance solution for you and your family, DFG’s trained consultants start by asking and answering a lot of questions.

You probably have some of your own.

  • How much coverage do I need and for how long?
  • Can I really afford life insurance?
  • How does life insurance fit into my estate planning and will?

A handy tool to help reduce cost.

Perhaps you have a young family or a home mortgage; life insurance assists with paying off debt and providing the necessary income to maintain a reasonable lifestyle and support children until they are financially independent.

Life insurance also plays an important part in your estate planning and can help fund expenses that reduce the estate you leave to your family. These can include taxes on your RRSP and investment assets, or on the growth in the value of a family cottage or recreational property. This protection even extends to Probate Fees that are charged by the provincial government.

Life Insurance should meet your needs today and into the future.

  • Term Life Insurance provides inexpensive protection for a fixed period of time. This type of product is most appropriate for covering mortgages or other limited liabilities, or for other risks that have a known time horizon.
  • Universal Life Insurance meets longer term estate planning needs and provides you with the opportunity to make additional deposits into an investment account that grows tax sheltered until withdrawn.
  • Whole Life Insurance provides an insurance benefit and cash value that continues to increase as the value of your estate grows.

A handy tool to help reduce risk.

Life insurance is an important tool to help you manage the risks you face on a daily basis and to protect you and your family from the financial impact of an unexpected death.

With the loss of a breadwinner, the household may no longer have the ability to save for retirement or for other long term goals. Life insurance is an affordable tool to help you face this risk.