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Benefit Plan Administration (TPA).

DFG’s Third Party Administration (TPA) services streamline benefit administration and provide a single point of contact. We excel at managing national, regional, and multi-insurer benefit programs and eliminating the administrative burden that this can create for customers. We are plan administration experts and our adherence to industry best practices has earned us a membership in the TPAAC – Third Party Administrators’ Association of Canada.

Partnering with DFG means that you can focus on your business and leave your benefits plan administration to an experienced and highly-accountable team.

Efficient and Consistent Management of your Benefit Plan.

Our goal is to support your operations, in all of their administrative functions, and in the most efficient and consistent manner possible. One of the ways we do this is by providing your organization with management reports so you can evaluate performance, establish benchmarks and make decisions that can help save money and time. Our secure offsite data storage with redundancy is yet another way our team ensures your plan's administration runs smoothly and efficiently

Our expertise lies in simplifying the administration work done by our clients, especially when dealing with multiple insurers.

Get back to business.

DFG offers a comprehensive plan administration package to simplify and reduce the workload—letting you get back to business.

Comprehensive plan administration.

  1. Maintenance of employee eligibility data and beneficiary designation records.
  2. Total Compensation Statements.
  3. Record keeping for disability claims.
  4. Customization and reconciliation of billing statements.
  5. Handling of supply requests and all administrative inquiries.
  6. Issuance of Identification Cards.
  7. Remittance of premium to carrier(s).
  8. Assistance with submission of Life, Long Term Disability and Waiver of Premium claims.

Cost Plus Programs

Are you finding that some of your medical and dental expenses are not covered through your group benefit plan?

The Cost-Plus arrangement may be just the right solution. With Cost Plus, DFG Administrative Services can reimburse medical or dental expenses not normally covered by group benefit plans - such as laser eye surgery or dental implants - directly to the individual, tax-free.

Health Care Spending Accounts

Are you looking for creative ways to manage your growing group benefit plan costs but still provide coverage for Dental and Health Care expenses?

The Health Care Spending Account may be the solution to your problem. Health Spending Accounts can offer a significant degree of flexibility without the complex administration of a full flex plan. By creating a Health Care Spending Account, you can deposit a fixed dollar amount into an employee's account, and allow the employee to use this fund to cover dental and medical expenses.

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