Group Benefit Package for Small Business

A package of affordable benefit options designed for
Businesses With 3 or More Employees.

DFG custom client solutions save money and time, streamline benefits administration, and maximize employee retention.

Join us!

DFG partnered with Pacific Blue Cross (PBC) to create a pool with entrepreneurs in mind.

DFG offers the price stability you want, access to the benefits your employees need, and freedom from the burden of plan administration. DFG handles all the paperwork so you can focus on your business and leave your benefits plan administration to us.

Advantages of the DFG pool versus a standalone plan:

  • lower administration costs - renewing many groups at one time instead of individually is less costly for the insurance carrier and those savings are passed on to members of the pool,
  • lower expense factors – PBC is a not for profit – more than 80 cents of every premium dollar paid goes to paying claims versus company overhead,
  • supporting local- PBC is based in BC and committed to giving back to BC business, and
  • expert administration – you are supported for enrolments, terminations, and invoicing through a dedicated team here at DFG.

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