Life Insurance

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Our solutions are fully integrated. We start with the basics, like products and options, but then we consider the broadest range of issues. Coverage ownership, proper integration with business and personal estate planning, Trusts and Shareholder Agreements…we consider it all.

Different business needs. Different product solutions.

There are many different types of life insurance products available, each of them is designed to address a different set of needs. DFG provides the expert advice needed to select the right product. We search the market for the most appropriate and cost effective solution.

Life insurance. A business tool to help reduce cost.

  • Collateral life insurance can help you pay off business debt and the premiums may be a deductible expense.
  • Buy Sell life insurance, as a part of a Shareholder Agreement, can ease the costs of buying out a deceased business partner.
  • Key Employee life insurance helps to protect your company from financial losses that result from lost opportunities.
  • Term Life Insurance provides inexpensive protection for a fixed period of time. This type of product is most appropriate for covering mortgages or other limited liabilities, or for other risks that have a known time horizon. When term insurance is used to protect business loans or mortgages (collateral insurance) the premiums may be a deductible expense to the business.
  • Universal Life Insurance meets longer term business and estate planning needs and also provides the owner with the opportunity to make additional deposits into a tax deferred investment account.
  • Whole Life Insurance provides an insurance benefit and cash value that continues to increase as the value of your business and estate grows.
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