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COVID-19: Implications for insurers. Opportunities for plan sponsors.

Insurance, like many industries, has felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, select insurers in Canada are introducing deep discounts, rate caps, and longer rate guarantee periods to attract new business. That’s why we’re working alongside our clients to secure savings and the best fit for now and into the future. Start your assessment by completing our Group Benefits Check-up today!

CASE STUDY: $85,000 to $141,000 in potential savings for the employer and employees combined.

  • 90 employees
  • Great claims experience
  • Negotiated +10% savings, long-term rate guarantees and rate caps at first renewal

Two compelling options to choose from:

  1. Take advantage of the greatest savings (23%) in the near term, with less certainty after the rate guarantees expire. (No rate cap)
  2. In exchange for less savings (10.5%) in the near term, enjoy greater certainty and premium stability over a much longer period with rate caps at renewal.

Achieve savings and long-term rate guarantees without compromising plan design.