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Taxing employer-paid health and dental benefit plans?

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UPDATE: Trudeau says that his government will not impose a tax on health and dental benefits. Global News reported that, during yesterday’s question period in the House of Commons, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finally answered the question he’s been avoiding for weeks. When asked by Official Opposition Leader Rona Ambrose about whether his government would ask Canadians […]

Changes to Employment Insurance (EI) Waiting Period Begin January 1, 2017

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UPDATE: Changes to Employment Insurance (EI) Waiting Period Begin January 1, 2017 The 2016 Federal Budget introduced significant changes to Employment Insurance eligibility and benefits in response to fluctuating unemployment rates. Most notably, the waiting period for EI benefits, including sickness benefits, has changed from 2-weeks (14 days) to 1-week (7 days). The benefit payment […]

3 reasons why 2017 won’t be typical for life insurance.

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New taxation rules slow down life insurance product introductions in 2017. As the end of the year arrives and, with it, the new taxation rules for life insurance, we are starting to receive information on the new life insurance products. The reasons for the carriers’ slow introduction of new products: #1. New life insurance tax […]

UPDATE: BC MSP Premium Changes Arriving in 2017

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With a bold headline, Strong economy pays dividends, the BC Provincial Government announced on September 15, 2016, that it would be scrapping the proposed 4% BC MSP premium rate increase that it had announced earlier this year. “B.C.’s strong economic growth and better-than-forecast revenues” are Finance Minister Mike de Jong’s reasons for the government’s decision […]