Dave Piccione

Aligning business practices to meet customer needs is one of the keys to succeeding in business and establishing a competitive edge. Another key is shaping mountains of information and data to improve efficiency and deliver superior results.

That’s where Dave Piccione comes in, as Dehoney Financial Group’s Manager of Information Systems. His job is to develop systems that are fast, cost-effective and custom-designed to fit each customer. Identifying weaknesses in company hardware, software, data and procedures, while at the same time supporting new product offerings is crucial to the overall success of the firm.

Dave designs his information systems based on two philosophies: DFG’s long-term relationships and his own - small and simple. Together they perfectly describe DFG’s strategic and operational activities. Dave’s team oversees sales, inventories, project management, support systems, resource and human resource management, supply chain management, customer relations’ management and database retrieval applications.

Dave takes this on with relish. He’s competitive, but collaborative. Focused, not myopic. Detail-oriented, but sees the big picture. The results? High quality products that help deliver intuitive, customer-friendly solutions.

Dave has been involved in the technology side of Employee Benefits and Group Benefits Administration for more than a decade. Prior to joining DFG he was a Senior Manager of Benefits Administration, Senior Web Developer and Internet Applications Programmer for various firms in the Vancouver area. He also served five years in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Dehoney Financial Group leads its industry in employee retention. Why? Dave explains, in his own words. “It’s a small company that puts a tremendous amount of importance on customer service. The vibe is very much that of a growing family… and while it is changing it is doing so with an eye to preserving its unique culture and ethics. I really enjoy being a part of something that gives you room to be innovative and fresh; where ideas are not only respected, but acted on. At Dehoney it feels as though the only limit to your own growth is yourself.”

For fun and exercise Dave is a weekend-warrior in a competitive soccer league. He and his wife Sheri, along with their two young boys Matthew and Alex, make their home in North Delta.

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